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Health Professionals

Our health professionals have extensive experience placing IVs and providing a stress free and health promoting experience for our clients.

Oklahoma City's Premiere Health

We offer Oklahoma City residents the best and most effective health and wellness solutions for the most competitive price available.  Top quality for top health.

Expanding Inventory

We are searching every day for the latest and most effective health-promoting injections, nutrients, and treatments to improve the lives of our loved ones.


Wellbeing Through Quality Service

Our goal isn't just your health, it is your enjoyment of the experience.  Our nurses are skilled professionals with years of experience with IV placements and a deep knowledge of health and wellness.  You will see the minute you walk in that everything about our location is designed to improve your health, reduce your stress, and provide the best possible service we can.  We know you will be pleased with our services!

Lounge Space

We will keep you nice and comfortable during the treatment by surrounding you with a peaceful atmosphere and nurses with the best bedside manners.


Our Health Facility

You'll know us when you see us!  Just in case though, we are located at 4127 NW 122nd St, Suite E Oklahoma City, OK 73120


Scheduling Is Easy

You can schedule online or give us a call to pick a time for your I.V. drip therapy appointment.  

Schedule Online

Call Us Today


Our Treatments

We offer powerful IV drip therapy that hydrates, enhances, and rejuvenates our patients through safe and effective vitamin cocktails. 

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